Credit Limit in customer card

I set up a credit limit in the customer card for $6,000. Will this prevent me from invoicing an amount for $8,000? I tried in a test environment and it didn’t work.

Any ideas on how to stop an invoice over the credit limit?


The program uses this field to perform a test when you fill out journals, quotes, orders and invoices. It tests the sales header and individual sales lines to see whether the credit limit has been exceeded. You can post even though the credit limit has been exceeded. If the field is left blank, there will be no credit limit for this customer.

This process will simply give you credit limit exceeding message, you can choose yes or no from the form.

we simply disabled Yes button on that Form.

Which version are you using?

In Sales & Receivables Setup there is Credit Warnings - if set to “No Warning”, it does not matter is there an amount set up in Customer Card for credit limit or no, system will not check anything.

In addition to Mohana’s advice to disable YES button in warning form, you should set credit warnings to some other value than “No Warnings” (check which one fits your needs), and restrict access to Setup(s) for regular users, if already it’s not done so.