Credit Limit for Customers

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the field “Credit Limit (LCY)” in the customer card page.
I wonder how does NAV use this field?
I mean what object is containing the C/AL code that uses this field?
I know that there is someting about credit warnings in the sales dsetup pages…but I want to look at the code that is using the field…

Thanks in advance :)

Your best bet would be to export all of the NAV objects to text, then search the text files for the field name you’re interested in. That will give you a good starting position.

You can also import that exported object file into Developer’s Toolkit and work with the Where-Used feature, though I think you’ll get the same results as the text search I already mentioned.

Hope that helps.

In this field you can enter the maximum credit (in LCY) that can be extended to the customer.

The system uses this field to perform a test when you fill out journals, quotes, orders and invoices. It tests the sales header and individual sales lines to see whether the credit limit has been exceeded. You can post even though the credit limit has been exceeded. If the field is left blank, there will be no credit limit for this customer.