Credit Limit Checking during Credit Memo Posting

Hi All,

Is it AX standard to check credit limit for Credit Memo Posting.

Our CL configuration is “Balance + All” because we want to block exceeding credit limit for sales invoices, not for credit memo.

Is there any way to bypass it?



I’ve never run across this issue personally, but I could see this being an unintended thing that happens. I had something similar happen when a customer wanted to post a proforma invoice, but the credit check was preventing them from doing it.

If I had to guess, I’d imagine there isn’t a way to turn this off.


Thank you for the confirmation, Jake.


No problem, Bella. You might consider opening a support ticket with MS. If it’s classified as a bug, they won’t charge you for it and they might actually create a hotfix or something to resolve this little idiosyncrasy…


I have also faced same issue, in addition to above credit limit blocking is working on posting of customer payment journal and also discounted value is not consider if you post multiple deliveries, this problem i have faced in 2009, I didn’t check in next versions.