Credit card payment should accept only last 4 digits

Dear All,

Kindly can you provide me solution or steps to undertake and validate credit card payment which would accept only last 4 digit of the credit card and process the transaction in Ax POS.

How can I do this functionality and could you please tell me process or steps to carry out and do this kind of set up.

My basic requirement is : When I chick on Pay Card, User or Cashier should enter only last 4 digit of Credit card number and then click ok to process the transaction.

I want cashier to follow following steps…

  1. Scan the items customer wants

  2. Swipe credit card in Bank Credit Card Machine and enter the amount and press enter

  3. Enter Last 4 digit of credit card in POS screen when clicked on PayCard and as soon as clicked OK

Transaction should be recorded and receipt should be printed with Entered last 4 digit credit card number entered by user.

Can any one help me to carryout this procedure and do setup for Credit card in Ax POS.

Thanks in Advance