Credit Card interface with Navision

Is anyone out there using Navision with Credit Card processing software? If you are, is it interfaced with Navision? And does it work well? Any recommendations?

I know that Dale Lanham & Associates has done an ADD-ON for Navision. They do not deal with end-customers, but you can have your NSC get some more information. //Henrik Helgesen -: KISS::Keep it Simple, Stupid :-

Credit Card Online Real-time credit card processing over the internet. Brief Description: Credit Card Online Developed By: AddWare [Company Logo] Web Address: Contact Information Name: Helle Madsen E-mail: Phone: 770 932 6848 Fax: 770 932 6610 Product Information Detail Description: Credit Card Online is a fully integrated credit card processing add-on that allows a Navision Attain user to post customer payments through a credit card interface. All transactions are instantly and securely processed over the Internet in a matter of seconds without use of any 3rd party packages. Users have access to submitting transactions from order, invoice and credit memo forms or directly from a customer entry. It’s optional to store customer’s credit card numbers and payments can be accepted using multiple credit card numbers per order. Stored credit card information is protected by strong security and wherever a credit card number is displayed in the user interface, the user will only see a masked number. Credit Card Online has few changes to the existing application and is easy to install. It comes with security setup and test card numbers as well as set up for demo purposes. Developed For: All Navision Attain customers who offer their customers to pay by credit card can benefit

You also might want to check out SimCrest’s Credit Card add-on. It has an online demo of the product. Edited by - mjanum on 2002 Jun 05 16:23:55

I have used Datacash which works well Paul Baxter

I want to thank everybody for their input…this is my first time using the forum, and it’s been an invaluable experience. Please…keep em comin! Debbie