Credit amount adjustment with Invoice


I have confusion regarding adjustment of credit amount of a particular customer with Invoices billed to that customer. I think the steps were given earliar also in this forum but as I could not find it hence request you people to provide the correct steps for the same. At present am tagging the credit amount with invoices as follows :—

  1. First I click on “balance (LCY)” on the customer card.

  2. Then “Function - Apply entries”.

  3. After I select the credit amount, then click on “Application —set applying entries”

  4. After that I select the particular invoice which is to be tagged with the credit amount-------“Application —Set applies to ID”

  5. And finally “Post appllication” . The messages comes “The application was successfully posted”.

I would like to know whether it is correct steps or am missing something. I would also like to know whether the entries effect any G/L account, which I think should not be.

thanks in advance [:)]

The seem to be the correct steps.

This will not result in any GL activity.

Thanks Babrown…really when getting reply within few mnts gives confidence & motivation to work with more zeal & enthusiasm in Navision…[:D][:D]

when you post the application, check the “remaining amount” in the customer ledger entry, if it becomes correct (amount of application deducted from original amount) that means you did it right