creation of RFQ for all Items from PR form in AX

Hi guys,

I need clarification on one scenario that I am facing recently.

I have created PR for the Items A, B and C. Have submitted it and after the status is changed to Pending completion, Functions > RFQ in PR form is enabled. FIrst I have selected A and B and created RFQ1. Now I want to create RFQ for Item C from PR form. But Functions > RFQ is disabled. Is the workflow in VPC allows for only one RFQ? DO we need to modify wrt Workflow?

Please let me know if you come across this and have a solution for this.



I believe you have selected wrong. You have to select all the vendors in that RFQ only. and then you can select items for all of those vendors.

Hi Raju,

I have created RFQ1 for Items A and B from PR form. Now i wanted to create RFQ2 for the item C from the same PR record and from PR form only. Please let me know how to create RFQ2 from PR form. Is it because of workflow configuration? Am using VPC refresh 3.5

Can anybody help me on this!!!