Creation of PO from approved PR line - AX 2012 R3

Hi All,

My PR having 3 lines and all lines went through approval process but only one line has been approved and remaining 2 lines are still in "In review " status. My client wants to convert the approved line in to a PO.

Is it possible to convert only one line into a PO while the remaining 2 lines are still in review status. I believe as per standard AX entire PR should be approved, if we want to create PO against PR.

Please let me know if there is any possibility. Need your suggestions/input to overcome the issue.


if you are trying to convert it manually , this may help you

Thanks for the reply.

I know as per the standard functionality we can convert PR lines to PO’s by using release approved PR form, but my question was something different. We can see all PR lines in release approved PR form only if all lines in the PR is approved.

In our case, my client does not want to approve all lines at a time, Workflow is enabled at line level.If the PR contains multiple lines and only on line is approved that line will not be displayed on release approved PR form,so I’d like to know whether we are having any work-around or solution to convert only approved line in a PR into PO?

if this is the case that only approved PR lines are coming in this form , you can go for customization to show the lines which are approved. i think this form is considering the approved status of header, you can use the line level status.