Creation error in Azure connectors

Hi. I want to ask about this case in here.

When I try to create new connection in Azure connectors with ‘Configure to use Azure Resource Manager (ARM)’ = true option, I could see this message. ‘Some applications do not have subscription access. Please navigate to the Azure portal, select your subscription and assign the appropriate role(s) to these application(s) before you hit Next.’ When I saw this message, I checked ‘’ and other sites. However, I cannot find any reason for this case.

Did I miss any thing? One thing what I guess is that I couldn’t see ‘Dynamics Deployment Services’ in Azure.


Hi. I found this web page for my question. It was so clear. I missed to enroll ‘Dynamics Deployment Services’ as a contributor in Access control(IAM). (…/dynamics-deployment-services-wsfed.html))
Please refer this web if anyone has same problem like me.

Hi Ray, Thanks for letting us know.