Creating user's personal in Human resource Ax 2012

Hi ,

I am new to AX . I have one requirement. In HumanResoures-> Common->Workers->Workers->Hire a new worker.

After selecting it a form appears to enter First name, Last Name and other fields. In that there is field called Personnel Number in which system generates it default number. My Customization is , is it possible for user add his one number (if he /she works in company is it possible to add their employee number for eg: JT00016 Like this). If it possible Please say how to do.

The Form used is :HcmWorkerNewWorker

Menu Item used is : HcmWorkerNewWorker

Caller is : HcmWorkerListPage . How to customize and where i should write my code.

Personnel number is getting generated through number sequence. and it generates when you click on create of HCMWorker form. Go to \Forms\HcmWorkerNewWorker\Methods\init and finds how it allocate the number sequence. You can customize accordingly.

You might set the number sequence as manual. Go to Organization administration > Common > Number sequences > Number sequences, find the reference by filtering by Area = Basic and Reference = Personnel number, open it and tick Manual.

If you want to do something more complex, the sequence is assigned and the control set as editable/read-only in init() method of HcmWorkerNewWorker form.

PS: I see now that I’m a bit late with my answer. [:)]