Creating totals

Hi, I am trying to create a report. How can I create totals and accumulated totals at the and of each page?

You should use TransferHeader and TransferFooter sections for this purpose. These kind of sections are used every time there occurs a pagebreak. To assure an automatic sum of the respective variables, introduce them in the GroupTotalFields property of the respective dataitem. Saludos Nils

Have you tried using the “TotalFields” property of the dataitem? Say you wanted the field “Sales Amount (Actual)” as a running total for the item ledger entry. Click on the DataItem “Item Ledger Entry” in the report. Find the property “TotalFields” and add in the field “Sales Amount (Actual)”. Create a new Footer section. Add the field “Sales Amount (Actual)” to it. Highlight the section bar and choose properties. Change “PrintOnEveryPage” to yes. Run your report, you will have a running total.

thax, it works

of course… it’s “TotalFields”… [Oops!] small difference but complete different outcome… Nils