Creating Testing Company

Hi all,

I need to create a new company for testing environment copied from live database.

Please helps what is the steps.


ZEN [:)]

Back up your live database
Create a new database
Restore the backup into it
Rename the company (optional)


  1. Is it back up the entire database?

  2. Will it be conflicting if I restore the same company without renaming it first?

Thanks - ZEN

I would personally never create a test company in the production database. Of course when you run a backup and you want to create a copy of that company in the same database, you will have to rename the company before you restore it back in. Again that is something I would personally never do in the production database.

Backup which ever company you want to test with

In this case; what is your practice or recommendation to have testing company available?



If you don’t need a full copy of the “live” db, you could also use the utility “Company Copy”

Here you could define which tables/fields to copy from one company to another; thus you could extract setup- and master-data from a “Live” system, without any transactional data etc… To move this test-company to a dedicated database, you could simply create a NAV backup and restore it on a new db.

Check it out! [H]

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Hi Jorg:

  1. I need to have a full copy of the database in my testing company.

  2. The link that you gave me is working only for 3.7 above. Ours is 3.6

Thank you - ZEN [:D]

Always build a new, separate database.

Then restore the backup of the live company.

Using this configuration you can test application, data and security changes before you corrput the live database!

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Install a second instance of the server, if your live database is using port 2408, then install the server and use port 2409, then you can start the client up pointing to the test company

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Client\fin.exe” servername=, nettype=tcp, ntauthentication=no, id=c:%username%, company=“Test Company - BTEC”

Hi! Jonathan,

  1. Because of the limit of the backup files, I have 2 backup created automatically by Navision; should I restore twice or the system will automatically recognize the 2nd file?

  2. If I create seperate database; how to setup the clients to connect to this testing database?

Thanks - ZEN

David, do you mind to explain more detail? Or might me if you have article that explain step by step?



here is instructions for loading more then one server. we have a live company and a test company server installed on the same machine,

Thank you very much for all the helps.