Creating temporary fields in a table ????

I would like to know if it is possible to create a binary field on a table, that will ALWAYS be false. What I am trying to achieve, is to have this binary field be that basis of a field transfer i.e If binary1 = true then “no.” := Field1; If binary2 = true then “No.” := Field2; If Binary3=true then “No.” := Field 3; When this code has been activated then the status of ALL the binary fields MUST be set back to False, so that the user can selcet the next time that this lookup form is used. I have tried to create these fields as variables on the form, but this then converts the binary fields, and shows “yes” or “no”. This is a problem to me, as I need to keep the use of the “tick”. Is what I am trying to do possible, or am I going in the wrong direction to solve this problem? Many Thanks for your help

Not knowing your real problem I would assume that you are on the wrong path. Why? Well, “no.” can have only ONE value at the time. Either Field1, Field2 or Field3. Therefore I assume that an option field consisting of three options is the better solution to determine which value should be stored as “no.”. In the example you mention, “no.” would be field3 if both (binary1 and binary3) are true. Besides, “binaries” are not true or false. I guess you are talking about boolean. Correct? Marcus