Creating tables fom X++

Hi, I have this problem - I want to create table from X++ code…for example from a job. I read documentation and looked through the classes but wasn’ t able to do this. Maybe somebody could help me? I know you can make tables from AOT but in my case that won’t do:(

Hi, Check TreeNode class. Particularly AOTAdd method. There is an example in the online help for adding a form programmatically. You can use the same for creating table. To add fields, do please check AOTTableFieldList class. Again there is an example in the online help. Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu

Thanks Harish Mohanbabu Your post really helped me much:)! thanks again

I was trying to come up with a good reason to create a table programaticaly, and I can’t think of one… why did you need this to begin with? Regards, Vlad.