creating sale entry

Hi, I want to create a sale order without creating any customer card. I just want to select the item to sell, and select customer group and its balancing entry ( Also my doubt is which account to take as balancing entry) and post it.

what is your probelm to create the customer card ?

can u explain ?

Reema this is my customer prodblem

My customer will get new customers daily from 30 to 40 .So he does not wants to waste his time by creating the customer card.

This is my urgent requirement reema please help me in solving this problem also tell me what to do when customer returns the item

I think u haven’t completed the post, is your client is in retail business, where in all transactions r in cash. If yes look for retail Add-ons available.

If not the best would be to suggest use of Data Templates which helps in creating customer very quickly.

Or u can follow this [:)]

See Michal ,

u told that are accepting the customer returns also.

so u should create the each customer to track the returns.

There is no alternative way.


I’m not sure what the back ground is…but from your first post, I can just share an Idea…

Create a Customer Master as “Adhoc Customers” or anything you want to name!! and fill in the rest of the mandate info.

Now, when you make Sales Order-Select “Adhoc Customers” and change the “Name & Address” on Sales Header and repeat this each time you have a new customer…

So, with this, you only have one customer card for all Customers. But this is not a good solution though!! as you will not be able to generate Customer Statements, Currency Revaluations, most of all Customer balances…etc.

So, my above suggestion is only for Adhoc Cases… talk to your Client and see what he really needs and why he needs and then try to explain him the consequences… we can always find a work around solution in Navision but we also have to ensure that Customer is convinced and happy with solution.

Good Luck!!