Creating reports using array concept in NAV5.0

Dear All,

I’M just a beginner to the navision… please help me to get a clear idea about the creation of report using array concept

Hi deepika,

Using Array concept, can tou be little bit more clear on this.



Hi Naveen,

thanks for ur immediate response.

I just want to create a simple report called “ITEM BY LOCATION”…

how to do this using NAV 5.0?

What did you try as of now?

Hi Deepika

Do you need to print reports vertically ? as below

Loc1 Loc2 Loca3
Item 1 10 20 30
Item2 30 15 0
Item3 0 0 100


Jerome Marshal. J

Use of array as mohana has given you a link.


I need to display the ITEM NO, ITEM NAME, INVENTORY as vertically…

LOCATION as horizontaly

Deepika problem solved ?

Import this into NAv this will creat a report with id 50005, run the report

5141.Vertical.txt (3.37 KB)


jerome Marshal. J