Creating Reclassification Journal Lines from the Production Order Component Lines

Is it possible to do this? Is it some kind of customization?

Yeah u will have to customize as by default this is not there. But why u wanna do this, cud u explain pls ?

You would need to customise it as there is no relationship. I presume this is to do with your floral issue and expiry dates, but not sure how this helps in the consumption of the raw material

the two issues are not related…we routinely reclass items from stores to production via a reclass. journal.

we run MRP to get dependant demand from released production orders for hardlines, we then use the reclass journal manually instead of transfer orders suggested by MRP because we’ve found that MRP will make one tranfer order per line instead of grouping all transfer orders for that day together(unless I’m wrong here)

i was just wondering if there was an easier way to do this instead of making line by line entries in a reclass journal?

is this a big customization?

Shudn’t be u will have to see how it is doing for Transfer Orders same way u can replicate for Item Reclass. But only addition i wud suggest is while customizing go for setup means in setup the template and batch number will be mentioned and ur customization shud look for setup check template and batch name from there and populate data in template / batch mentioned in setup instead of hardcoded names. As it will be more flexible and easy to maintain.