Creating Online-Help for Financials.

Anyone have experience with regards to creating online-help in Navision Financials? I need som input on the subject. Specifically I would like to know which tools you recommend using and anything else you wish to share on the subject. TIA Tommy

I have not tried this yet but I understand this site has a complier and and an add on specifically geared to building help for navision Good luck

I have forwarded two documents to you regarding creating help files too. Again I have not had a chance to try these out- hope they help.

Thanks Mitch! I’ll check it out! :slight_smile: Tommy

We have always used ForeHelp from ForeFront Inc. Link. It’s a very easy to use product and you can create a Navision report to export the basics for each help subject. I remember on the old mailing list there where another Danish solution center who had a very good description on how to use this with Navision Financials. ============ Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group Edited by - admin on 2/29/00 8:57:50 AM

We have very good experiences with Help Scribble. Not only because it’s a fine Help Authoring Tool, inexpensive (approx. USD 70) and easy to use, but even more because we have persuaded the authors to make a special version of the #Include file generator. This outputs all the crucial links between the NF identifier of the object and the corresponding help topic as the required *.HH file. You even can assign aliasses (reference of a non-described item to a described item) at will. Mail me at for a copy of the How-to-create-Help-easily document we wrote for this. John

Hi John! Thank you for your reply. I already got Help Scripple and the HelpScrNavision.exe. It works great and I think, that is the solution I will use. I might check forehelp though… just to see what I am “missing”. :slight_smile: Regards Tommy