Creating New Security Role Permission

Need to create a new security role permission for using the Zoom tool. I do not want to give people Super User Role. How do I create a new role for users to have permission to use the Zoom tool only? Thank you.

Add this line to the permissions: Object Type Object ID Object Name Read Permission Insert Permission Modify Permission Delete Permission Execute Permission Security Filter System 5330 Tools, Zoom Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Hi, Please follow the steps mentioned below to create the role and assigning the permission 1. Select Tools->Security->Roles 2. Create a New Role(either press F3 or select the blan line) 3. Place the cursor on newly created role and select Role->Permisssions 4. In Permission window select Object Type and System,Object ID as 5330 (i.e. Tools, Zoom) and tick the permissions check boxes.

Thank you very much for the fast replies! I’ll implement the role right away. Louis

Took about a minute! Thanks…