Creating New database in Nav Development it throwing error

Hi every one ,

In my PC i have already one database and it working properly also ,now i want to add new database in NAV Development

then it throwing like this

Can any body know means please share the answers…

Check whether your sql service account is associated with above mention service account. Try to move it on local account
As well as try to create DB from SQL

when i create db in sql it wont showing in nav development Available database ,and also i didnt get predefined tables in that database

You need to restore backup and then assign the permission to db for displaying it in development environment

You get this error when trying to create it from DE, then I assume that you already created it with the same name in SQL? NAV cannot see it because it’s just a SQL database, not NAV database. So it doesn’t fail until trying to create the users required.

You need to create the database from the Development Environment. If you do it from SQL then it’s just an empty database. When you do it from DE then it creates all the required system tables for it to become a NAV database. [:)]

As an alternative do as Amol suggest, same method that I prefer myself.

Always start a new database by restoring the latest NAV release backup file (or the version you need for your project). I have it in a PowerShell script, put to life by some of [mention:502683c6ee6e49fe9be9e8994d22dd0d:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]'s scripts. Restores and creates a new service + web in minutes. Great as long as you have admin permissions.