Creating Misc. Charges in intercompany Sales Order

So I have created an intercompany Purchase Order in Company 1. The reciprocal Sales Order get created in Company 2. Now The Company 2 wants to add misc. charges in the sales order. Following are my queries

  1. How can I get to include Misc. Charges in the sales order, in such a way that the expense journal/AP journal for the Misc. Charges gets created in Company 2 on account of its Vendor?
  2. How can I ensure that the Misc. Charges charged in Company 2’s Sales Order gets added to the unit cost in Company 1’s Purchase Order.


Misc. charges can be allocated to Customer or Vendor, Third Party Vendor cannot be posted for Misc Charges.

This can be achieved through customisation.

Is this AX2012 ?

No Ax 2009. But If you can tell how thts acheived in 2012 that will be of help :slight_smile:

OK …this is AX2012, This may help, as I have much the same requirement, albeit we found that we do require some modification to meet our exact needs. Please ‘try’ this in a test environment 1st, as it may not suit your needs or country requirements etc …

What I needed to do is always charge an amount when certain items or groups of items where order through intercompany. I found be using Charges / Autocharges came very close to meeting those needs …

1st … SL and PL (Procurement and sourcing in AX2012) parameters, decide if charging at line level or main …

2 …Create customer and supplier charge codes, this helps eliminate other suppliers / customers from your intercompany accounts

6472.Customer charges group.JPG

3 … Assign the charge groups above against the SL / PL accounts used for Intercompany sales and purchases

4 … Create sales ledger charges codes and MAKE sure that you have the correct debit / credit posting, this is only an example BTW.

5 … create purchase ledger charges codes, these codes need to be identical in description as the sales charges codes, again MAKE sure that you have the correct debit / credit psoting, this is only an example BTW.

6… Decide if you need to use Item charges groups to group specific items togther that inccur an auto charge … if so then create item charges groups and assign these to the item record.

7 … SL Auto charges …this is the tricky bit as this dictates the combination etc … and any TAX rules that may or may not be charged. The below is an example, but the explanation after helps … This is the SL side …

So … for the group ‘IC’ (attached to the Intercompany SL account) … when an item in an item relationship group 175 (this is my requirements, not necessary yours) then you can see the line detail … A charge of 299.99 will be added and I have a unique VAT group .

When a SO with an item number in the item group 175 is added to the sales order and a intercompany PO is created …then the SO on the supplying company with include the 299.99, also the PO raised in the requesting company will also have the 299.99 added

8 …PL Auto charges … again, see the example below with an explaination after

The charge line value needs to be ‘blank’ as the value is coming from the SL auto charges

I hope this is of help …it is AX2012 and it is my requirements that seem to be close to yours … I may not be able to help anymore if you find this not to your liking … or I have mislead you in anyway … and I dont have AX2009 …



Thanks alot Martin. I had executed the same in the AX 2009.

Now what happens is that in the PO, the Misc. charges are shown differently in the lines however, when shown in the inventory, they are added to the unit price.

What i wanted was like this. The Company 2 (Vendor company) add a Misc. charge (Delivery Cost) in the sales order. So far, the journal for paying the Transport Company (Company 2’s vendor) has not been passed. Now, as soon as Misc. Charge is put in the Sales order, I want an automatic creation of the AP Journal to record payable to the Transport Company with the same amount.

If I am being too ambitious, then I just need to be sure that this functionality is not there in the Standard version before I submit an FRD to the development team for customization.


There is no Standard Functionality available to post Misc. Charges to third Party Vendor.

This requirement needs customisation as I have seen this issue since AX 3.0.