Creating master data from an excel sheet

Hi Friends,

I have some master data in excel sheet.I need to import to our ax -2012.What is the process need to follow? I need the complete steps to import the data and as well as tables I need to relate if at all required.


Dear Krisheed,

what are the data and what you want to upload.

there are some limitation where you cannot upload all thing is AX until and unless you make deep customization.

provide the info may be we can help you out.

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Thanks Husain,

I have the information in an excel sheet and I need to import that data into ax.

Usually you need to know what tables you are using to enter data. In AX2012 you can use excel add in to import data. Google for excel add-ins to understand it, an example can be

Thank you all !!! But how can I understand on which tables I need to enter the data ??


Hi Krisheed Immadi,

Please explain about your excel data.

For example: If you are having ledger transaction data in your excel sheet then please follow this URL



You can make use of DIXF/DMF. First you need to identify the entity (for importing)

here is a list of supoorted entities,

Yes, you can build the custom entities as well.

Thank you all !!!