Creating Intercomapny Purchase order/Sales order

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Can anybody help me in creating a Intercomapny sales order/purchase order.

Herr I have two companies A&B. and A is purchsaing from B whihc is a Interocmpany of A. I have to create a Intercompany Purchase order in company A. Same thing i need to create a Interocmpany sales ordre in Company B. HOw it can be achieved?

Is it possible to create these without using AIF functionality?



There is a manual on intercompany on partnersource. I believe you need AIF but it is not something I have ever really looked at.

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I got solution for my query, i have created the Intercompany PO in one company and then automatically Intercompany SO was created in another company. It was done by setting up the End points in the both companies.

And now my query is how does it works if the both the companies are in different servers with different databases. I mean how to integrate both servers whose having different databases?

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I would suggest you post that question in the technical forum, or ask a technical consultant (or Microsoft)

You need to use AIF with flat files, message queues, biztalk, etc or develop your own solution. The base intercompany you are using with endpoints will let you do company to company stuff when it can switch between companies. Look at Classes\SalesTableType\InterCompanyMirror (from memory, so it might be named slightly different) or Classes\PurchCreateFromSalesOrder (from memory) to see how it works on the same box.

When you move a company to a new AX machine…you can’t do it the same way you are now unless somebody else knows another way.

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can u plz tell me how to setup end points in companies…i also want to do same task in a same database .

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If you are working in DAX 2009, there are quite some configurations. Refer to AIF manuals which you can find online for step by step guidance.

You can use AIF to integrate these two different environments.