Creating Groups in Reports

Hi guyz

am experiencing some problem grouping data in report.

Am trying to create a custom report in generated design

I have categorized my records as ALLOWANCE and DEDUCTION

i want in my report to have a group header Allowance then below it all the allowances then Deductions and listing of all

deductions. I have tried to use Group by within the datasource but it doesn’t seem to work. I have also tried to

have a header before the Section group with the body of the report but it doesn’t seem to work either.

Any Ideas?

Try to work it out by programmable section and execute it as per the reqmnt!!



Hi Kimmi,

Create an Programmable section in the report and call this section by using element.execute(1)…call this section before calculating the allowances (U can print Allowance as header) and after calculating the allowances (U can print Deductions as your header & so on).

*(if 1 is your control number of the programmable section)…