Creating Financial Statment by dimension at MS dynamic 2012

what is the steps to create financial statement by dimension for example : Income statement for Business lines on MS dynamic 2012 ??

Hi Anas,

Step 1: Setup financial dimension sets (e.g. cost center or a combination of main account and cost center or any other financial dimension)

Step 2: Setup row definitions (rows). Here you have many options: Include e.g. cost centers in rows and break them down by main account or vice versa. You can also include only cost centers and include main accounts in columns or vice versa. Though be careful with the setup because it influences financial statement performance.

Step 3: Setup financial statement (columns).

For additional details, check the MS standard training materials Finance II.

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Many Thanks Ludwig,[:)]

Hello ludwig, thanks for sharing this. I am trying to create an IS report with dimensions as "BU, Dept, Cost Center, Account, current and previous as the columns in the report. So I created a dimension set that include BU, Dept and Cost Center and my secondary dimension set is Main Accounts. My account structure include BU, Dept and Cost center dimensions.

I am bit struggling with this - as to how to create the columns in the report, what is my row definition etc., any help is appreciated