Creating Fact Boxes in custom pages


Im trying to put a sales line fact box onto a custom page we have in NAV2009. Im doing this is classic for use in RTC.

When I go into object designer > Page > Design > I add the following lines at the bottom

Name Caption Type SubType SourceExpr

Container FactBoxArea

Part Page

When I try to save the table and compile I get the error

The container indentation must be 0.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Hi Andrew,

Take at the setup and properties on other pages that use factboxes, i.e. customer, vendor pages, etc. This may give you anidea on what’s causing the error

Select Container FactBoxArea Line in page and press Left arrow below which is besides Help button…It should be in same level as first line in page…

this line should be indented one level to above line

Part Page

You can check any existing page which has factboxes for indentation levels…