Creating batches with back date


How can i create batches with back date and allow the sales order reservations to be done in that batch.

e.g:- current batches

Batch date

BATCH 1 1/2/2013

BATCH 2 1/5/2013

Need to create a new batch as BATCH 3 with the batch date 12/31/2012

Though I create the BATCH 3 with an earlier date. When sales order reservations are done, system still reserves items from BATCH 1 and BATCH 2.

I think your only option is a manual batch number creation, and as it is manual, you can start the number with a five digits serial and the date at the end, in example

00001_01/02/2013 for batch #1
00002_01/05/2013 for batch #2
00003_12/31/2012 for batch #3

The five digits serial at the beginning will allow the system to reserve as you mention. I would involve quality people to verify/validate batch numbers in the process to avoid mistakes.

Maybe if you elaborate a little more about the issue of having this batch numbering more ideas could come out.

You could pick by FEFO.

You could update the batch dates on the batch record if automatically created


We are using FIFO method in inventory management. Therefore what is the basis that AX understands, what batch to pick first (FIFO).

Is it the batch date or the system date that AX picks in identifying the FIFO inventory valuation???

Thanks all