Creating an Application in Nav 5.0

Hi all,

Following is all I’ve been trying to do. However, I’m now in a fix!

Create a small application in NAV 5.0 for a member’s sports club. It should have the following tables:

member (member id, first name, last name, date of birth)

sports (sport id, sport, membership fee) (e.g. FB, Football, 6,000 – TE, Tennis, 8,500)

member sports (member id, sport id) – this will contain a record for each sport that a member has registered for

bar items (item id, item description, price) – this will contain all items that are sold in the bar in the club, together with prices

bar sale journal (date, item id, member id, quantity, unit price, total price) – for entering sales in the bar

bar sale entries (date, item id, member id, quantity, unit price, total price) – bar transactions

The application should have the following forms:

Member Card – for members. Must have a sub-form through which a member is assigned to one or more sports (table member sports).

Member List – list of members through which a member is selected (must be not-editable)

Sports Card – for sports

Sports List – list of sports through which a sport is selected (must be not-editable).

Bar Item Card – for bar items

Bar Journal – this is used for sale of bar items to members, must contain a number of lines. There should be a function that posts the entries in the journal – meaning that the lines in the journal are moved to the bar sale entries table.

Bar Sales – form through which you can view bar sales (bar sale entries), must have filters for Period, Bar Item, Member Id such that you can view all transactions for the specified filter.

No reports are needed at this stage.

Do everything from scratch.

I have designed and created the tables and forms.

**My major problem is with the journal and sales entries. How do I manage posting from a journal to the entry table as per the above description. I have tried several codes, nothing works!!

Plse assist. Any comments are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Why? [:O]

I suppose its the best way to learn for my case. I thought once I achieved such functionality, it would be fine any other time I’m handling clients assignments. I still have no much experience using Nav.


Mhm… Sorry, but I have to disagree. Navision is somehing more than a database with a set of techincal rules. It also (and foremost) is an applicative method. The best way to learn it IMHO is to understand how the standard functionalities work and try to make the client’s needs fit to it (please, notice - make the client’s needs fit to Nav, not the contrary, not as the first step, at least). Such an effort will teach you how you to design new functionalities according to Navision logic. The other way around will teach you nothing - just cost a lot of sweat, blood and money (maybe client’s money, but money anyway).


I surely buy your idea!