Creating alerts in ax2012 R2

Hi All,

Please help me any one ,how to create the alerts in ax2012 r2.

Please check the documentation first: Alerts [AX 2012].

Then ask a more specific question, if needed.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the Reply, i saw already that documents and iam done with ax2009 also too .But here i follow the complete process as per the MS documents.

The Process is EX: CustTransaction form Payment Tab-> Method Of payment.

If the The payment is changed to one values i need notification .For that right click create alert Rule->Value set to abs.

then same process assigned to .,value to i did all the process .Then i saw the record in managed alert in tools ->managed alert form also.

Here my question is in this form i need to do anything because in creatalredt rule button-> form template is disable for me .

i hope you understand where am getting the error .

If the From template button isn’t enabled, it simply means that you haven’t created any templates. But you don’t need any template - you’ve already created the rule you wanted.