Creating a user with SUPER roles by user who don't have SUPER role

Hi All,

I am creating a user in Navision and want to provide it SUPER role. My login ID don’t have SUPER role but nearly same as SUPER, when I try to provide SUPER role to new user, system throws error saying “You do not have permission to read the ‘0’ Table.Contact the system manager if you need to have your permissions changed.”

My login ID contains ALL,SUPER(DATA),some Customized Roles(for system related permissions). and permissions (Table–>0, Table Data -->0, Form–>0, Reports–>0, Codeunits–>0, Page–>0 but system not zero(manually created entries)

Any idea how to fix this ?

You should have super access to provide access to other user…

Dear Amol,

Thanks for your quick reply.

But I can provide the others roles to user means it’s not mandatory to have SUPER rights. I provide ALL role to user and didn’t face the error and it worked. Then, why for giving SUPER Role ?

You can’t give people permission to things that you don’t have permission to do yourself.

HI Den,

May be you are right.

My user have SUPER (Data) Role and I provided the same role to new user and it worked.