Creating a PO & SO in Dynamics AX

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Uday here… I am still working on the foundations of Dyn. Ax… Could anybody help in hw to


1… Purchase Order in Accts. Payable

2… Sales Order in Accts Receivable.

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You create a purchase/sales order and update it - do you need a more specific answer? You need a specific question to get that!


Yes i wanna create a Po for say some goods, how wud u follow using dynamics ax ???

Do u have solution with u???

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It depends why you want the goods, back to back, stock, reorder, forecast. The mechanism is the same as a purchase order although it could have been a journal, subscription, blanket and perhaps it was a requisition or a quote. There is no “solution” you need to understand the basics and then develop it from there.

“How would I follow using dynamics AX?”. I would listen to what the customer requires and then map the process to all of the possible ways and functionality in AX - to do this you need to understand the functionality - so you have to go and learn it, there really is no short cut to this.

Thanks a lot for ur suggestions… I have noted urs points… It was indeed worth reading ur valuable instructions.


What adam said is correct

before going into ax funtionality you try to undersand the basics of general business process (eg : Supply chain Management)

Any ERP works on the same… but only the way of presentation differs…