creating a new vendor!

Hello Guys,I am new in Ax/finance.

I was trying to create a new vendor ,I am getting error like this:


when I try the full the bank account,also I am getting error.Nomrally we should use the bank account buttons on the top of form to fill bank account field:Screenshot_3.png

but I am getting fill dimension error ,so I tried to manually.I filled but again I got dimension error.So I tried to fill the dimensions “suplier” field with my vendor number but I can not see my vendor account number there:Screenshot_4.png

I dont know why Cant I see my new vendor number there and How I am supposed fill it?

Dimension is not mandatory while creating the vendor neither the bank account number.

It’s not yet created right. You are receiving the error while creating the vendor.

yeah but when I follow the rules,I am doing the exact things to create,I filled bank account,name,tax fields and when I tried to save I am getting an error about dimensions

what error you are getting…?

field dimension mut be fill ,so im trying to fill it the suppler dimension ,I cant find my vendor account number kranthi said it no creaed yet but I watch video and docuention everybody exact thing that I do.

Check if there is any customization in that area. Which documentation/Video you are referring to?

How you are creating new vendor…?

like tih,I am filling the mandatory fields .

You must check if there are any customization’s around.