Creating a new parameter form and tables like AP parameters

Guide me the procedure to create the parameter form and table similar to accounts payable parameter in AP module

I use this page:…/aa846438.aspx

It is for AX 2012. For D365FOE, you will need to subscribe to onSelectParameters on the Company class and call your parameters table static find method instead of overriding the selectParametersPost method. Similar to the following…

[SubscribesTo(classStr(Company), delegateStr(Company, onSelectParameters))]
public static void Company_onSelectParameters()

Hi Michael kilgore,

I need the one similar to accounts payable parameter.

I have created a new form and dragged the tables from data source of vend parameter form. In similar way I have also dragged the methods of vend parameter form to my new form. After placing the methods in my new form I’m getting errors such as

  1. Variable clearingAccount has not been declared.
    2.Variable vendParameters_CreditInvoicingReport has not been declared.
    3.Variable referenceSameAsLabel has not been declared.
    4.Variable vendParameters_ExtendedPriceTolerancePercentage has not been declared.
  2. Variable vendParameters_DisplayMiscChargeToleranceIcon has not been declared…
    I’m using same tables and methods of vendparameter form but why I’m getting this type errors.

Since I was new to AX, I’m unable to solve it . Please suggest me the procedure to resolve it.

Looking at the names, they look like they might be the names of controls which will not be on your form. The methods on the VendParameters form are mostly for changing the states of controls and implementing the grid on the number sequences tab. You should not need to add any of the methods from the AP Parameters form as they are specific for VendParameters.

As for making your form similar to VendParameters, I would use what you see under the design node to give you an idea how you should structure your user interface. Mostly, you will want the pay attention to the groups, tabs, tab pages, and static text. Basically, each of the tabs on your form will have two groups; one for the static text and one for the fast tabs that holds your editing controls.

Hi Michael Kilgore,

I understood the design node of the form but I’m not ble to write methods for controlling those Tabs and buttons.

Why cannot you just duplicate the original parameters form? What is your intention of creating a new similar form when you already the have the existing parameter form?

Does your new form need logic to enable and disable controls?

Yes Michael Kilgore,

I need Logic to enable and disable controls.

those are errors under form Permission node. you’ll need to delete them since you have duplicate your from object