creating a new page with the help of variable


How we can create a new page where you select the 5 things(All are variable) like…Account no,account type…and so on…??

What is exactly required ?


I have to make a new page/form where you select the 5 things (All are variable)

Account No. ,
Account Type (e:g Cusomer) This is an Option field.
Bal. Account No.
Bal. Account Type (Bank)

There should be one button on the page, when the user hit on that button the Gen. Jnl Line (Table 81) should be populated & automatically posted.

That means user will fil the information in this variable and it will automatically populate in Gen.Journal Line page.

Isn’t it ???

Yes Sir, how I can do it ???

Why to do this ?

If user have multiple lines then import it from excel using XMLPORT


Create a page with all Variable and put one button to insert record in Gen Journal Line table and display the Page.