Creating A New Company using existing database

Guys, I am a complete Newbie at Navision. I just complete an upgrade of Nav 5.0 to SP1. That went pretty smoothly for the most part.

Now I need to create a new company using the existing database. When I try to create a new company, it gives me an error message that says, “You do not have permission to run Company Table. Contact the system Manager if you need to have your permissions changed”

  1. What permissions do I need to have in order to create the new company?

  2. Can I just import the a copy of the old company data into the new company? If so, what steps do I need to take to get it done?

I was handed the task of administrating Nav 5 after our guy who normally does it quit all of a sudden. So we I say I’m a newbie, I really mean it. So any help will be greatly appreciated.

Well - HOW did you do it? Simply installed SP1 executables in your PC? - it looks like so, I browsed through your previous posts here…

Upgrading Navision is far more complex process than that, and enduser can not do it - there are special tools for it, available only to Partners with Dev license.

I was a little bit surprised first, if you were able to UPGRADE and now say you are not allowed to create a new company, it’s simply an impossible situation… What you did is NOT an upgrade from Navision point of view, it is not like Excel or Word, where you can easily install the new version from DVD and get it up&running in minutes.

I would rather advice you to contact your Partner while it’s not too late - they should help you.

Here is what I did to upgrade the Microsoft SQL Server Option for the CSIDE Client Nav 5.0 to SP1:

I downloaded and ran the CSide Client update. Once it had completed the install, I opened it and went to Open the existing database. The first time it ran, it prompted me that it needed to convert the database. I ok’d it to convert the database, but it gave me an error that I needed to be a db_owner.

So I added db_owner to my permissions and opened the database again. This time it said it completed successfully. I then went to Company and Open.

Everything can back fine. The person who actually uses it, said everything ran fine yesterday. I did check and it says it is the SP1 client.

If this was done incorrectly or not complete, please feel free to jump in. I need all the help I can get with this.

I too would like to call in the people that did the actual install, but they have since went out of business and the original admin is gone. I am just trying to do what I can until we can get someone in here, which is not going to be very soon.

What you did is called TECHNICAL UPGRADE, which means, that you run 5.0 SP1 executables with a 5.0 database and 5.0 OBJECTS. It is a common practice to do so, but bear in mind it does NOT give you new “features”.

To do a FULL upgrade to 5.0SP1 you need to upgrade OBJECTS, and this is the part I spoke about as impossible to enduser.

In case with 5.0 to 5.0 SP1 it is essential to upgrade objects, too, never mind it is not a major version change, but “only” service pack. There are significant changes, which should be applied - I will not go into technical details here, it’s too lengthy.

If your original Partner company has dived into the whirlpool of history, look for another one.