Creating a New Company from an Existing Company

I need to create a new company with in a database. This new company will have all the same settings and controls as the existing company. My thoughts on the fastest and easiest way to accomplish this is to make a backup of the existing company, rename the existing company to the new companies name and then do a restore of the backup of the existing. Effectively having two companies now identical, then delete all the data records from the new company so that it is clean with the exception of the settings and controls.

Being new to Nav I don’t know if this is a proper way of going about setting up a new company in an effective and fast way. Of if I will be able to sucessfully delete all the records and fields to have a clean start for the new company.

Any input on this subject is welcome. Even if the input is “you are heading in the wrong direction and you are NUTS”.



Wouldn’t say you’re nuts yet :slight_smile:

That is one way to do it, although I would personally hesitate to play around with the production data that way. I would prefer to create a new test database altogether, and set up the new company there, so as not to interfere with the production company. So take your backup, create a new database, restore the backup in there, rename the new company, do your thing, and then make a backup of that new company, which yo can then restore into the production database (provided this is meant to be an additional company in your production system).

You can also use the setup checklist, which is created for that purpose. Create a new company, run the checklist and copy data from the company of your choice.

Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention in the first post that I was doing this in a test database that I have just for this purpose.

As for the setup checklist what and where is this found?



You use the Setup Checklist window to simplify the process of setting up your company in the program. The window contains a list of the tables to which you have access (according to your license file). You can access the tables directly from the Setup Checklist window, and you can copy setup data from another company. You cannot delete or add tables to the list, and you cannot change the basic information about each table.

The window contains a line for each table and some information about the table. There are fields that you can fill in to manage the setup process. You can also add comments about each table.

Can be found in Administration - Application Setup - General - Setup Checklist.

Wonderful! Thanks for your assistance I think I am on the right path now.

dont forget that if you take a backup & rename the orig company & restore the backup that your database will double in size - make sure you have enuf space.

I think there is a download on either or that cleans all existing data from a company - make sure you clear the right one [;)] actually.

Thanks for the link to this site. After I setup the ‘clean’ company, I get an error message “Relationship Management Setup Primary Key " does not exist” upon initial load of the company. I click OK and it loads the company and things seem fnie, but I can not figure out this error. Any Idea?


Just as an update:

Think I answered my own question. I looked at the table “Relationship Managemnet Setup” in both new company and old company. Found that the new company had several fields with a check mark but a blank ‘primary key’ field. The old company had all fields blank. After removing all the check marks in the fields of the new companies table, all works fine.


tnx AdamRoue