Creating a new Company and a new Databse

When I create a new company in MS Dynamics Nav, the tables get created in the Demo Database. How can i create a separate database and load with default data.

Please note that when i create a new database before i create the company, only few tables are created and then if i create a company and connect it to the new Database i can get access to Navigation pane.

Thank you so much for your help.

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Take a backup of current database (either in .FBK/SQL ) and restore it with new database name.

Thank you. But the challenge with that is that the Tables of a new company get created in the Cronus International ltd Database(Sample Database). Should I delete the Tables which are specific to the Cronus International Database

Whenever you are creating company in same database then that time it will copy the tables of existing company. Best way Create separate database and restore the backup

Sorry to say it, but you should start by getting some basic training in NAV and then leave technical issues to your Microsoft partner. Have them setup you system and a maintenance guide you can follow. Playing around with you company’s ERP system is not recommended. Your company depend on it.

Thank you for the advice. Though I am actually trying to teach it myself and I using a local Installation on my Laptop which is not connected to the company servers.

That’s good. If you don’t want to pay for some of the very good books available about Dynamics NAV (and even cheaper in the eBook versions) then I can also recommend you to check out the Dynamics NAV sections on MSDN. The quality of the sections here, especially those about NAV 2013, are much better than their rumor.


From “Dynamics NAV Development Enviroment” File > company > new, program will copy default table (not include data) into this new company. then you can go back Nav ( we use 2013 now) to open this new company. and you can download training menu from MS to study if have Dynamics account .

I hope this can help you.

Which books can U recommend that I can Use. I have the course content for MS training in Dynamics Nav and i want take my first exam in feb 2013. Core setup & finance(Exam MB7-839).

Currently all my studying and practice is based on Dynamics Nav 2009 R2.

Any other form of advise as I try to learn and prepare for an exam is highly appreciated.

I’m not find any book for 2013 except PACKT that will publish on next year Jan “Programming MS Dynamics 2013”.

For now, I use 2009 menu then use search to find out which page in 2013.