Creating a Lookup !!!!!


How to create simple lookup means,

In my form One grid is there.This grid contains Employee details.There is a TextBox above the grid.

Task is,

when i open the form the grid will show all the data.when i will enter a particular Employee id in textbox ,then the grid should show the employee details of enteredEmployee ID.

Plz give the code…




Don’t create Text box. Create a drop down EDT field of type Employee Id.

Regarding the code, lookup was discussed many times here. If you search, you can find them

Hii Harish,

Thanks for rplying !!!

But Harish,suppose i want see the details of an employee having ID 20115,then according to you it is quit difficult to search this from the drop-down .so i want to enter this id and press enter,then the employee details of this id should display.

Plz give the solution !!!

Hi ,

As of ur requirement u just go for an example .Account Payble–>Common Forms -->Purchase order details .

click for createing the new purchase order ,here Create purchase order form will open → in the vendor acoount filed -->u will get the dropdownlist here u can search like 8080,if that number is there it will come to first then u can select.otherewise it will not come .and otherwise u know the perticular account number like 1101 u directly enter in the box and click ok then the details will come.So in this field u just right ckick and select the setup u cam find the what table here using and then goto the perticular table and see the properies.then u can get that functionality.