Creating A customer Hiearchy

HI there,

First post on the forum.

We are running Navision 4.0 sp1

We need a way of grouping together sets of Customers as children of a parent Customer.

Can anyone advise me on the best design at the data level. Should I add a new ParentKey field to the customer or does Navision handle parent child relationships in a particular way ?

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Hi Rob and welcome to DUG,

there is no real parent-child relationship which can be applied without changes.

The way you suggested would be exactly what I would do it.

Many thanks Thomas for your quick reply.

Just as a matter of interest would the same be true to creating hierarchies of Contacts ?

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A kind of yes.

You can assign “person” to “company” type of contact. As soon as you need more levels yes.

You could try to use the “Company No.” field for this purpose also for company-company relationship but I would not suggest this as NAV does not expect this.