Creates PO from Project(postedProjectTransactionsView)


my client want me to create a new currency field on “ProjPostedTransactionsView”,this field should pull the currencycode value from purchtable if an user creating PO from project. When i am trying to find the relation b/w projItemTrans and purchtables i didn’t find any direct or indirect relation. projitemtarns is the table which holds the posted transactions when we create a PO from project. please help me in getting the relation b/w these 2 tables.

Thanks for your help

You can even get the currency from purchLine and this can be related to projItemTrans with the help of inventTransId.

Thanks Kranthi, I appreciate your help. Actually i tried the same relation you mentioned above. But some records in ProjitemTrans table are not having their reference InventTransId in purchline. So i’m missing the currency for few records.