Created by in transfer order


In my transfer order i want to check who created the order.

please suggest how to go about.




Add a New field to Transfer Header table, as “Created By” and on insert trigger add the following code:

“Created By”:= USERID;

Also add this field to Transfer Shipment Header (with same field number) and other relevant table.

And add this field to Transfer Order, Posted Transfer Shipment form also.

And this new field should not be editable.

Instead of changing table(s) and form I would use standard feature “Change Log”:

(In NAV 5) Look into Administration → “IT Administration” → “General Setup” → “Change Log Setup”.

Set a “Log Insertion” on table 5740; select option “Some fields” and then field “No.”

Remember to put a chech-mark into “Change Log Activated”.

In Administration → “IT Administration” → “General Setup” → “Change Log” you can se what’s logged.