Create Vendor with existing employee name for GAB

Hi All,

I’ve written code to automatically create a vendor from an employee.

Problem I’m getting is that when I create the vendor, it is creating a new entry in the Global Address Book. Instead I want it to use the Global Address Name of the employee (so if then employee name gets updated, so does the vendor).

At the moment my code simply says : = This is what creates a new line in the GAB.

Does anybody know how to (in X++) say “use the employee name, don’t create a new one”. The entry is stored in the DirPartyTable.



when ever you create an employee, vendor, customer the system will create an Address Book Id.

So when you creating a vendor from employee the system will create an address book id for vendor even.

The address book id is mandatory for creating the vendor - you cannot have same address book id for a vendor and employee.

Hi thanks.

I’ve solved my problem. You can assign a vendor the same GAB as an employee. You need to set the vendor.partyID = EmplTable.partyId. This means if you update the employee name, the vendor also gets updated.