Create User in NAV 2013

Hi Brilliants!!!

actually i created a user in RTC 2013…

but don’t getting any way to login with it…

in development environment… it does not work and give the SQL error,

Actually i am familiar with classic but new to RTC,

so please guide me what to do,

thanx in advance


you need to create the user in RTC. Go to Departments–>Administration–>IT Administration–>General–>Users. click new and directly give the windows user name ( click on the right side button to select the user from the directory).

Then you need to give the permission sets as you probably assign the role in Classic. you need not to create the login in SQL and synchronize with SQL as you have done in the previous versions.

Also please mention what error are you getting when login.

Hello Sir

Thanx for the reply!!

and sorry me ansewring so late…

actually i made a user in RTC 13

and its working properly

but the problem is that when we create a user, System Ask for window user name so i created another user account for window… as a single window name can’t be use for more than 1 user…

so i have to switch off the user Account for window to check the user… on the same system…

so what should i do for create user for another system?

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i did not get clarity what exactly you meant to say. however as per my understanding from your words, If you want to create another user which is created on your local system, you can click on the new button and first go to the windows authentication tab and click on the button appeared on the right hand side of the windows user name field. If u are in domain then you can select the domain as directory or if you have created the user in Local machine then you can select the First option (that will be your system name) then search for the user and give the permission set. If you want your multiple users to access NAV without log off the system then you can use the Authentication as either (‘NavUserpassword’ or ‘UserName’) You can take the NAV 2013 application help for configure this. In this case system will ask for the user name and password when ever you open NAV 2013. different users can login to NAV by giving their user ID and password.

hello sir thanx for the reply

actually you got the right thing that i was trying to ask…

i want to use the same system for two user by NavUserPassword authentication feature.

so i gave the user name and password in user card… and remain the window user name field blank.

now when i run the RTC 13 it is login by windowuser name itself…

so where should i login through the user id and password which i created,

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You need to do following changes in Config files

As mohana has shared you a link you can go through the link and do the necessary configurations.

The same topic and its details also available on the NAV application help. search " Create microsoft Dynamics NAV Users" on the search bar. then find out the “How to: Create Microsoft Dynamics NAV Users” topic and read it. also you can click on the links which is shown on the blue color to understand the detail configuration of how to generate certificate thumb print and configure the Custsetting and the clientUserSetting files. For the NavUserPassword authentication , you can give the password on the User card “Departments/Administration/IT Administration/General/Users” Hope this will resolve your problem.

Thanx Mr. Mohana and Mr. vipin

i did the same like shown in the link

but when i am restarting the instance its not getting start.

What account have you used?what error are you getting?

If you have not changed the log in account and password then default the log in will be netwokr service. to change that you can go to services.msc and find the Microsoft Dynamics NAV server, right click on it, click on properties and go to the log on tab. then use the option ‘This Account’ find your log in name from the directory and give the password. Now restart it.

hello sir,

the scenario is like this

the system is currently using instance DYNAMICS 7 in which credential type is windows

so i created the new instance in which credential type is NavUserPassword.

and in (C:\Users\user1\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70)

in config.file

add key=“ClientServicesCredentialType” value=“Windows” />

i changed windows to navuserpassword. and saved it

now i am starting the instance and its giving the error


Server Instance ‘MicrosoftDynamicsNavServer$NAV2013’ failed to reach status ‘Running’ on this server due to the following error: ‘Time out has expired and the operation has not been completed.’. Additional information may be in the event log of the server.

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Have you generated the certificate thump print? Please check the even viewer and find the error details.