Create two production order with the same routing

Dear All,
I have two production orders that conducted lot size of production
an item.
The two production orders consists of same item but different
category or based on sales. For example item A 250 mg and A 500 mg
And I would like to have COGM for both, but the routing are the same.
After refresh prod. order, the system create 2 prod. orders but use
the same date and days and even time, meanwhile they must run separately,
can’t produced in the same time. COuld you give me the solutions
for this problem ?
I apreciate your answer so much. tks


Well if your cost of good of material are the same how are you defining what you are making? Any modifications in this area? Ultimately you are saying if you make 1 or 100 the cost of the raw material does not alter? What does your PBOM look like? If it is routing costs then are you basing this on units or time through the work centre/machine centre?

Are you running finite or infinite capacity? What is the planning flexibility set on teh line and do you have any capcity constraints setup? I cannot remember it all off the top of my head but I am sure it is possible - best you ask your NSC!

You can use Family production.

A production family is a group individual items whose relationship is based on the similarity of their manufacturing processes.

Forming production families can optimize material consumption. For example, in the production of several different calculator models where models may share the same processes and need the same kind of capacity, regardless of the model variations.

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Or you can create semielaborate item (IM) with Reorder policy = Lot-to-lot. Navision create 1 production order acumulating A and B needs. Routings must be production process, except dosification operation.

Item A use 250 mgr. IM and item B use 500 mg IM. Routings are diferents only on dosification. Navisoin create 2 addition production order consuming IM and dosificate A or B.

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