create shurtcut for specific form or button?


I am begginer developer Microsoft dynamics AX209 so I want to create shurtcut for specific form or button

I use marco #task but I don’t found all keyboard on it

for exemple

to assign shurtcut key

F5= 2876

I don’t found all of them like F2,F3,F4,F7,F10,*,+,-,%,M somme of this key have numbers what is it ?

can someone help me ?



i hope this Macro shortcut Keys are created with Excel sheet


for exemple I search the nember of keyboard like F5 = 2876 but other I don’t known What are the nember in AX2009 the keys that I seach the nember are :

  • = ?

% = ?

  • = ?
  • = ?

m = ?

F3 =?

F10 = ?

F4 = ?

F7 = ?

shift =?

this are the keys what I want have the nember to create my shurtcut ?

thank you

This code shows how to find out the ID of the key you are looking for:

yes I known but in this macro there are not a keys like