Create Shurtcut for a specific button


i’m new in the development area of AX 2009. I want to add an F2 shurtcut to an specific button in a form. how can i do these?

Many thanks for your help


Hi Matthiias,

You can assign shurtcut Keys like , The following Task id is help to make shurtCut.

F5 = 2876
Alt = 520
Ctrl+Z 769
Ctrl+X = 770

Take a task() method ,In form-> Methods-> Task() OverRide Method.

Then Your button Properties → autoDeclaration : Make Yes.

public int task(int _taskId)
int ret;

ret = super(_taskId);
if(_taskId == 520)

return ret;

Best wishes.

How do we make task id as Task is a macro. how these integer numbers are assigned to specific shortcut keys.