Create Sales Order with file attachment using C# in ax 2012

Hello Friends,

I want to Create SO with file attachment using C# in ax 2012

i.e i want to attach file from C# and when we create SO through C# that time in AX SO is generated with attachment

How is it possible…

Please help me…



C# is merely a language. Which technology do you use to integrate a .NET application (written in C# in your particular case) with Dynamics AX? An AIF document service, .NET Interop to X++ or what?


Actually, I want to send file from .net web application to AX using AIF Web services.



Could you please spend a few minutes to explain what exactly you’re trying to do and what’s the problem? If it’s not worth a few minutes of your time, it’s not worth others’ time either.

In first question, I mention its on SO is only for reference but my actual requirement is :

I have to handle HRM applicants and applications from a corporate website. In basics the customer wanted to have a web form where the applicant could enter his/her personal data and attach files like CV and that information could be save in Applicant form in AX 2012.

For that I created a simple web form in that consumed the AIF service and from that I am sending applicants information to the AX (i.e. Applicant create using web form) but I am not able to send CV to the particular applicant from the web form.

please help me…

Could you be more specific? If you say a web service, do you mean an AIF document service, a custom service in AX 2012 or something else? If it’s a document service, which one are you using? Would it be possible for you, for example, to use a separate custom service just for documents?

I would like to avoid wasting time thinking about a solution that wouldn’t meet your requirements in the end.

Hello Martin,

I am using standard document service - HCMJobApplicationService.

And try to create new application with attachment in application basket using the standard document service.

please help me…