Create report with label in different languages.

Hello everybody,

I created a report & I really want this report display with various language.

How can I do that?

When I print this report, a dialog will appear with a lot of language.

public Object dialog(Object _dialog)
Object ret;
DialogRunBase dialog;
dialog = _dialog;
languageDialogField = dialog.addFieldValue(typeid(LanguageId),languageIdValue);
return dialog;

public boolean getFromDialog()
languageIdValue= languageDialogField.value();
return true;

with languagedValue

I really want to display this report according to this language, I think that I have to read file *.ald with chosen language.

So, How can I read this *.ald file to get the right label with chosen language?

Appreciate your help.

Thanks & Regards,

Phuong Tran.

Hi Phuong,

It is not possible to display labels in different languages on a single instance of AX. When you start AX, it loads the ALD files of the language that has been set. So let us say, if you start AX with en-us, you cannot display labels in DE or AR language.

What we can do is, read the label from the ALD file using TextIO or TextBuffer class and show this value on the form.

This will be runtime manipulation of the caption/label property. Let me know if this sounds feasible to you.

You can change Report language by using

For example look at BankPaymAdviceCheque report, method fetch.

And you can change language in single instance of AX by using Infolog.language();

is it possible to display all data in different languages???

Hi all,

We can use IIF on expression :slight_smile: