Create Reminders Routine - Shows Same Invoice Twice

When I am running the create reminders routine on NAV 2009 SP1 with the ‘Only Entries with Overdue Amounts’ unticked it correctly brings through my invoices outstanding but not due, which is what I want, but it is showing the same invoice twice. All Invoices which are actually due only show once.

The Invoice is due on the 30/09/2011 and I am running the Reminder Letters Routine with a Document Date of 01/08/2011 and the Use Header Level Selected.

Has anyone come across this issue before and how can I prevent this Invoices appearing twice?

have you done any changes in Create reminder routine process?

If not, try it in Fresh Cronus.

If you can replicate the problem, report to Microsoft.


Apologies if you have already checked this but I just want to check that the document number hasn’t been used twice? There is just the one Customer Ledger Entry with this Document Number?


Yes I have checked this. It occurs on every Customer Reminder with Items O/S but not yet due. I have recreated this in Cronus and logged with Microsoft.