Create Purchase order directly from Purchase requistion with out creating the quotation in Ax 2009

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Is there any possibility to create purchase orders directly from purchase requisition with out creaing the quotation in ax 2009 and Ax 2012.

Can any one explain.




“Release approved purchased requistions” form can be used. Please use the below path (AX 2012).

Procurement and sourcing → Common → Purchase requisition → Release approved purchase requisitions.

Select and post the PR.


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Please follow the blog of 16 January of this particular link.

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Infact, it is not mandatory to create RFQ from a PR. You can directly create the PO from PR. Only thing is that the PR should be in the status “Approved”. Only approved PRs can be created as POs.

Once the PR is approved, then you can see them in “Release approved PRs”(as suggested by Lixin) from there you can select the PR line and create the PO. This process is to create the POs manually from the approved PRs.

Also, you can setup the system to have the POs automatically created when the PR is approved. for which you can go through the below post